April 19, 2013

Healing Miracles

"Release" -still a work in progress!
Through connecting with people on Facebook I reconnected with and old friend my family had gone to church with several years ago. We met for tea and caught up and shared our journeys over the past years and the amazing Love and Mercy that God has for us. I shared with her about the jewelery appearing in my locked safe and she lent me a book full of recent testimonies where others have experienced similar miracles. Meeting with this friend was exactly what I needed at that moment. Questions I didn't even know how to ask were being answered. I was invited to a gathering a few weeks later at their house- where people come to eat, pray, worship, and eat some more. I was both excited and nervous to go. I felt deep down inside me that I needed to go to this, that something amazing was going to happen and all I needed to do was show up.

The day of this house party I woke up sick to my stomach and throwing up- which wasn't something new to me at all. I had been struggling with IBS for the past 15 years. Stomach problems were a huge part of my every day life. Plenty of nausea, pain, vomiting, etc. I avoided social situations on days when it was particularly bad. Several doctor visits, medications, and even a diseased gall bladder removal that almost killed me didn't help. Some days were worse than others. I had to learn to ignore it the best I could. I had minimal IBS symptoms for about a month up until the morning of the gathering. As I was retching into the toilet I began to think, "Great, what a day for my stomach problems to come back full swing. Maybe I shouldn't go tonight..." Then I was gently reminded that all I have to do is show up. As the day went on the stomach issues continued, and anxiety began to creep in. When I would think about going to the house party, I would have a panic attack! Of all the days for the IBS and anxiety to come back, it had to be on the day I was going to gather with fellow Jesus lovers. I had a small inkling, a notion that perhaps the IBS would be healed if I go. As the minutes ticked closer to leave for the gathering, the anxiety grew and my stomach hurt more. I just kept holding onto, 'all you have to do is show up.'

I managed to arrive without a car accident, in spite of the panic attack I was experiencing. I don't remember much of the beginning of the gathering. I managed to force down a few bites of food because 1) I didn't want to be rude, and 2) I hate explaining to people about my stomach issues. There was 10 or so people there, of whom most I did not know. I tried my best at small talk but failed miserably. After we ate everyone gathered into the living room and I managed to tuck myself into a spot in the corner. They played some songs I had no idea what the words were. I decided to just close my eyes and focus on God because I still had anxiety. I began to silently pray (whining is more like it) that if I was supposed to be there, then why did I have so much anxiety? I began to think how silly it was to think I could be healed that night from IBS, especially when I was having a hard time even talking to anyone.

The next thing I remember the music has stopped and someone is talking to the group, but I felt like he was staring right at me. He said there's someone in the room who needs healing and began to describe my stomach issues. I raised my hand and said that was me he was describing. What happens next is a bit of a blur. Next thing I know I'm sitting on a chair in the center of the room and people are praying for me. I don't know who was praying for me at what time, but every word spoken went straight to my spirit. I was sobbing my eyes out. I felt something heavy lift from me, almost like it was choking me on the way out. I have no idea how long or how short of time I was sitting in the middle of the room receiving healing and prophesy and ministering straight to my spirit. I felt this peace wash over me. Everything in the room disappeared and it was just me, surrounded by the complete blissful peace of God's presence. I have no idea how long I sat there in peace. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes to an awkwardly quiet room staring at me. I took my seat in the corner as others were prayed for.

Things were slowly wrapping up, a few people began to leave. I was still wide-eyed, awe struck and in a bit of disbelief that I had been prayed for and healed from the stomach issues. I wasn't experiencing any stomach issues at the moment, but that didn't mean they wouldn't come back. Just as I began to doubt the healing, the man who prayed for my stomach earlier approached me and started explaining how sometimes people have doubt about healing because they don't see the healing instantly. He asked if I have ever seen a shorter leg grow & if I had a shorter leg. I sat on a chair with my legs stretched out and sure enough my left leg was shorter than the right. He asked someone else of they wanted to pray for the growth of my leg. My friends husband took on the challenge. Right before he prayed I felt so overwhelmingly excited and knew I was about to watch my leg grow. Surrounded by the small group of people who were left, we all watched in awesome amazement as he commanded my leg to grow. There was this funny tingling sensation in my ankle and shin, right under my knee. He prayed again and commanded the leg to grow and it shot out and grew right before all of our eyes! Not only was I blessed by being healed, everyone in the room was a witness to God's mighty work. I got up and walked around and my leg felt different. My hips were aligned and there wasn't a pinching in my tailbone anymore. My ankle and shin remained tingly for a few hours after it grew

.A day or two after being healed, by stomach began to feel strange and I felt nauseous. I began whining to God again, complaining, "I am healed, why does my stomach feel weird?!" I then 'heard', "You are hungry, go eat something." I just laughed and laughed. It was a bit of an adjustment getting used to a healed stomach!

I have heard of healing miracles, but never witnessed them before. It's one thing to "believe" in miracles, and another to actually witness a miracle in action. Here I was, seeing miracles left and right. Dreams and prophesies were unfolding and making sense more and more every day. I began to have thoughts surface that I had suppressed ever since I was a child. Thoughts of laying my hands on people and praying for healing...